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The RooterMan Plumbing Franchise Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Question: Can RooterMan be financed using SBA funding sources?
Answer: Yes

Question: What is the estimated investment cost?
Answer: 45-85k

Question: Do you have to be a licensed plumber to own a RooterMan?
Answer: NoQ. What is the franchise fee? A. $4975 per territory, 4 territory minimum for all converting plumbing companies.

Question: How many locations does RooterMan have?
Answer: 700 active locations within the USA and Canada Q

Question: Is their any states RooterMan is “Sold-out?”
Answer:  RhodeIsland, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

Question: What is the RooterMan preferred CRM of choice?
Answer: ServiceTitan

Question:  How long has RooterMan been operating?
Answer: RooterMan has been helping Americans with their plumbing needs for over 50 years.

Question: Does RooterMan provide education/ training to its franchise owners?
Answer: Yes our Franchise owners are given training online to learn the RooterMan business model.

Question: Does RooterMan provide their Franchise owners ongoing coaching/ support?
Answer: RooterMan has a dedicated business coach to consult and help our franchise owners grow and fix problems they may encounter.

Question: Is it mandatory to order through are partnered/ affiliated vendors?
Answer: No RooterMan owners are given autonomy to choose where they order supplies, equipment, and anything else from. The partnerships are provided to make our Franchise owners lives easier, and to provide better value to our franchise owners via reduced cost because of our agreements and partnerships.

Question:  How long is the RooterMan franchise agreement?

Answer: TheFranchise agreement is active over a period of 10 years.

Question: What happens if my Franchise Agreement has “x” many years left and I want to sell my business?
Answer: You are able to sell your business while still under contract as RooterMan we are able to transfer ownership of location to the new owner upon your request.

Question:  How are the royalties calculated?
Answer: RooterMan operates on a flat fee system where your royalties remain the same from month 1 until the Franchise Agreement ends. The royalties are based rather on the populous within your territory rather than a percentage of revenue.

Question: How does a flat fee royalty structure benefit me?
Answer: Allows for a greater cash flow because your royalties are not increasing as your revenue grows when scaling your business.

Question: What are the net worth requirements to own a RooterMan?
Answer: 150K Net worth minimum to buy into RooterMan.

Question: What essential skills are required to own a RooterMan?
Answer: Being skilled at organization, logistics, managing a budget, and leadership.

Question:  Does RooterMan offer a discount to Veterans with an honorable discharge?

Answer: Yes, a discount of 10% off of the Franchise fee.

Question: Does RooterMan provide me a plumbing license for my business to operate under?
Answer: A little bit of both. We have a 3rd party we can team you up with to get your own plumbing license or you have to be licensed yourself, or source a plumbing license via job recruitment or Acquisition of a licensed plumbing business. Click here to read the full answer.

Question: Why is RooterMan the #1 rated plumbing franchise?
Answer: Entrepreneur has ranked RooterMan as the #1 plumbing franchise for many consecutive years. Click here to read the full answer.

Question: Why do existing plumbers want to open up a RooterMan plumbing franchise?
Answer: They can get much more out of their plumbing business by partnering with RooterMan to take them to the next level. Click here to read the full answer.

Question: What is history of RooterMan and how it got to where it Is today as the #1 Plumbing Franchise?
Answer:  Founded in over 50 years ago, rapid growth, high-quality work, and great business results with the backing of a known national brand, now bringing a great and powerful future to plumbers and entrepreneurs alike. Click here to read the full answer.

Question: Can someone become a multi-territory plumbing franchise owner within RooterMan?  What are the advantages?
Answer: Yes, we encourage it as it enables you to maxamize your success. Click here to read the full answer.

Question: What are the top 5 things RooterMan franchisees like about being part of the RooterMan plumbing franchise?
Answer: An established national brand, a strong marketing engine, operational, financial and recruiting support. Click here to read the full answer.

Why would a potential business owner want to get into the plumbing business and be a RooterMan Plumbing franchisee?
Answer: The industry is growing, the margins are good, its recession resistant and it's not easy to find a great reliable plumbing company. RooterMan has the answers. Click here to read the full answer.

Question: How does RooterMan drive up profit-margin, drive the down cost of doing business, increase revenue and allow for easier scaling of a plumbing business for its plumbing franchiees?
Answer: We have a proven system of marketing, operations, suppliers and recruting. Click here to read the full answer.

Question: What is the outlook of the plumbing industry?
Answer: There will always be a need for it, its recession resistant and the demand is growing. Click here to read the full answer.

Question: How does RooterMan help entrepreneurs and plumbers buy a plumbing business for sale?
Answer: Our team of experienced experts help in a lot of ways. Click here to read the full answer.

Question:  Where can RooterMan help someone find a plumbing business for sale?
Answer: Anywhere in the country where there is not a Rooterman franchise already. Click here to read the full answer.

Question:  Why would someone want to buy a plumbing business that is for sale?
Answer:  You don't need to, you can start up your own plumbing business with RooterMan or convert your existing plumbing business to a RooterMan franchise.  RooterMan helps bring you greater success. You can get there faster by purchasing a plumbing business and making it a RooterMan franchise. Click here to read the full answer.

Question: Why would an entrepreneur want to purchase multiple plumbing businesses for sale and make them RooterMan franchises?
Answer: Once you have a proven model for success with the RooterMan model, it becomes not that hard to replicate and increae your earnings. Click here to read the full answer.

Question: Can RooterMan help to purchase multiple plumbing businesses?
Yes! Click here to read the full answer.

Question: Why would a plumber want to purchase a plumbing business for sale vs. create a plumbing business as a start-up?
Answer: You can get to success much faster with a RooterMan franchise and you can do it even faster when you couple RooterMan with an acqusiton. Click here to read the full answer.

Question: When purchasing a plumbing business for sale how do you know what a fair price is for the plumbing business?
Answer:  A fair multiple of EBITDA, also known as profit. Click here to read the full answer.

Question: Businesses are traditionally valued on a multiple of EBITDA.  How does this relate to buying a plumbing business for sale?
Answer:  A multiple of EBITDA or profit. Click here to read the full answer.

Question: When purchasing a plumbing business for sale how can someone pay for the purchase of the plumbing business?
Answer: Investors, cash, business loans & financing. Let's learn about them all. Click here to read the full answer.

Question: If someone wants to find plumbing businesses for sale, how would they find them?
Answer: RooterMan can help and there are other ways you can do this too. Click here to read the full answer.

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RooterMan Francise Opportunity

Benefits of the RooterMan Plumbing Franchise Opportunity & Plumbing Businesses for Sale

Low Overhead

RooterMan franchise owners can quickly launch their business and avoid high start-up costs.

Exclusive Discounts & Partnerships

Benefit from our national buying power and exclusive discounts on equipment and products.

Ongoing Corporate Support

We provide turnkey marketing programs,  and proprietary business management software.

Innovative Training and One-on-One Coaching

As a RooterMan franchise owner, you’ll receive individualized coaching as you build and scale your business.

I've been involved in several different franchises, from corporate levels to consulting, and I feel that RooterMan has the most to offer for us and our family. I think it's a great opportunity.-Peter Allad, RooterMan of Tampa

RooterMan to the Rescue!

Over the last 50+ years, the RooterMan name has spread to over 700 locations across the US and Canada. To take your plumbing business to the next level tap into the RooterMan plumbing franchise opportunity and get instant brand, sales, marketing and operational support.